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I Am Bragg N East

-The US has the highest document incarceration rate in the world.


-In recent decades the US has experienced a surge in its prison population, quadrupling since 1980.

-Between 1982 and 2006 Judicial costs rose 503%, Corrections 660% and Police 420%


-We now spend over $240 Billion  a year fighting criminal activity and…over 70% of those entering correctional institutes become repeat offenders within 3 years of release.


          "Bragg N East is the community that I patrol as a Police Officer.  I, like many other officers want to help people create a better life but week after week we see someone’s son, daughter, mother or father continue down the same path of destruction.  Seeing people return to the same destructive behavior, sometimes within hours of arresting them left me dishearten and depressed.  What I was doing was not working.  I had to make a choice; do something different or quit.  Praying for guidance, I heard God ask me, “How can someone give something they never received?  Unconditional love.”  Bragg N East is a movie about my struggles of loving people the way Jesus did when I didn’t think they deserved it.  Even though Bragg N East is set in a community, it can be any community regardless of race, social or finiancial status.  It is about loving the unlovable and the positive change it brings. It’s a movie designed to stir Gods people into literally loving the Hell out of those who need it. Why? Because I am Bragg N East and Jesus loved the hell out of me."

~Robert Wagner - AKA - Wagz

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