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The Movie

Bragg N East


Bragg N East is a Christian, Faith-Based, inspired by true events, original feature film. Robert Wagner has been a police officer in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Raleigh since 2007 and had many life changing events happen to him as a cop.  One event changed his life forever.  This event caused him to change his tactics as an officer and in return has made his job more rewarding then it has ever been.  He learned to use a weapon that he can't carry on my belt....Christ's Love. Bragg N East is a movie about his story and the story of Dae'Quan, a guy who grew up with no positive influences and becomes a hardened drug dealing gang member. The movie follows both lives, a hardened police officer and a hardened gang member, and their fight to a better way of life.

Robert Wagner


Prior to becoming a Raleigh Police Officer in 2007 Officer Robert Wagner worked in the film industry in front of the camera as well as behind the camera.  Robert Wagner is known to “…work magic” (Harry Welch, Jr., Forever Young Productions.) through saving money and thinking creative. During his career in film he has worked on small budget films to $30,000,000 films. Because of Robert’s “…expertise and know-how” some productions “…would have been a lost cause.” (Patrick Horne, Speak-It Pictures). Robert “…does not hesitate and willingly extends himself to ‘get the job done.’” (Grainger Hines, CSI Miami). Because of his experience he has been known to assist “…the director…entire crew…the producers and cast.” (NC House of Representatives, Fred F Steen II). Having Robert on a set of a film has benefits in many ways. His ideas are “…very creative and cost efficient.” (Ralph Singleton, 8790 Pictures, Inc. Producer of ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’, ‘Jawanna Man,’ ‘Pet Semetary,’ ‘Another 48 Hours Staring Eddie Murphy’) Having Robert on a project can almost guarantee a finished creative project ready to be sold.

The Producer

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