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Bragg N East Ministry

Bragg N East has 4 ministry teams to help serve the production of the movie and the Bragg St area.

-Prayer Team - As we continue to work on the movie, we will be in need of a lot of prayer.  We have started an email list of people who would like to be on our prayer team.  We will email you with updates on prayer requests.  If you are interested in being apart of this team email:

-Fundraising Team - To make the movie and help with the street ministry, we will need of money.  We are seeking people gifted in fundraising to help our team out.  If this is you email:

-Media Team - This team is to help with social media and news media.  If you are gifted in social media or in press releases and want to join this team email:

-Street Team - This team will be the boots on the ground.  The team will be building relationships and showing the love of Christ with the residents of the Bragg St area.  During the relationship building we will be able to connect the residents to resources, help t lead people to Christ, and create sustainable change in their lives.  If you are interested in this email:  and join our network website by clicking here.

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